Refuge Thumbnail 2Through the gateway of refuge practice we enter into Buddhism. As a result we apply effort to receive Buddha’s inspiration and help from Sangha (our spiritual friends) so that we can gain deep experience of Dharma, the pure states of mind that actually protect us from suffering. In this way we lay the foundation for real happiness here, now, and on into the future. Gradually, by following this joyful path, our mind can become a source of refuge and inspiration for others.

Join us for this special retreat, where we can deepen our understanding of refuge. This makes our practice of Buddhism qualified, helps us to receive special blessings, and opens the door to permanent inner peace.

with Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Dorje

Saturday, March 12 - Tuesday, March 15 (see schedule below)

VKBC Oak Park | 13 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL 60304

Cost: $5 per session, $30 for the entire retreat | $20 for Refuge: The Gateway to Freedom and Joy Workshop (includes Refuge Vow Ceremony) | Free for Members & Study Program Students


Saturday, March 12 | 10:00 - 1pm (Refuge: The Gateway to Freedom and Joy Workshop)

Saturday, March 12 | 2:30pm, 5pm

Sunday, March 13 | 7:30am, 4pm, 7pm

Monday, March 14 | 7:30am, 11:30am, 4pm

Tuesday, March 15 | 7:30am, 11:30am, 4pm, 7pm*

*7pm Session on Tuesday, March 15 is a Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja

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