Meditating manDrop-in Class

Mondays in Wicker Park
6:30 to 7:00 pm

Includes 2 short guided meditation

Join us for simple guided meditation. This class is perfect for those who've never meditated before, and for those who want to enjoy guided meditation with a group. We focus on basic meditation techniques that can be easily integrated into daily life and are helpful for both the beginner and more experienced meditator.

In meditation, we concentrate on a single positive thought in order to gain an experience of inner peace and happiness. Through training our mind in this way, we gradually gain the ability to hold on to these states of mind outside of meditation, no matter what difficulties modern life brings our way. (Read more about meditation here.)

No previous meditation experience is necessary. Everyone welcome!

Monthly Themes:
June - Meditations for Deep Relaxation
July - Meditations for a Clear Mind
August - Meditations for Unbiased Love

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