Streams of Purifying Nectar - A Purification Retreat

with Gen Kelsang Dorje, Resident Teacher

In this retreat we will engage in prayers to Vajrasattva, the Buddha of purification. Through purifying our negativity we can remove the obstacles to our spiritual path, our mind will become happier and our good qualities will increase.

Saturday - Friday, January 3rd - 9th | See Schedule Below

Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center | 13 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL 60304

Cost: $5 per session; $15 per day or $35 for the entire retreat.

Each session approx. an hour and fifteen minutes. Attend one session or as many as you like. Everyone Welcome!


Introductory Talk - Streams of Purifying Nectar Workshop | 10:00 - 11:30 am ($15)

Session times: 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm, & 7:00 pm.


Session times: 8:00 am, 4:00 pm & 7:00 pm.

Note: Prayers for World Peace at 10:00 am and Wishfulfilling Jewel Prayers at 2:00 pm.

Monday - Friday

Session times: 7:30 am, 11:30 am, 4:30 pm & 7:30 pm.

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