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Volunteering at KMC Chicago
Kadampa Meditation Center Chicago runs entirely on the energy of our volunteers -– from those who drop in to the center to help out on occasion, to our dedicated managers and teachers. Without our volunteers, there would be no center.

Anyone can volunteer. You don’t need to have any special skills or make any regular commitment. We have many volunteer opportunities which can be done by anyone without training, or minimal training, and many can be done whenever your schedule allows. Our volunteers are from all walks of life and help us with a vast range of tasks. Any help is welcome!

The function of Buddhist centers is to provide a place of peace, harmony, and spiritual growth for every living being without exception. So even small acts of service benefit enormously -- locally and globally!

Volunteering at our center provides:

> an ideal opportunity to apply and embody the teachings of cherishing others, altruism, patience, and wisdom

> a stable, inspiring environment to connect with like-minded friends

> a meaningful way to contribute to a better community and world

> a way to help others learn about and enjoy the many classes and events we offer

If you'd like to find out more, please take one minute to fill out and submit this simple form.

Check as many as you like (or none). No commitment required.
Check as many as you like (or none). No commitment required.

Our vision is to help everyone in Chicagoland lead peaceful and happy lives. Each contribution of your time is meaningful and contributes directly to that goal. In other words, your efforts will help others learn the true causes of happiness and how to attain it!