All classes below are held at Kadampa Meditation Center Chicago in Wicker Park, 2010 W. Pierce Ave., Chicago, IL 60622.


Every Wednesday in Wicker Park
May 3 through June 28
7pm - 8:30pm
Drop-In Class

In our busy world, it can become all too easy to head off in the wrong direction. We want to be happy, but the demands of daily life often leave us feeling overwhelmed and scattered. In this meditation course, we will explore the six perfections: practical strategies for everyday life that include kindness, acceptance, joy, meditation, and wisdom. Through putting these skills into practice, they can function as a kind of GPS guidance to keep us on the path to true peace and happiness.

From this series, you'll learn to:

• maintain a calm and happy mind no matter what challenges life holds
• maximize the joy of being kind and helping others
• remain patient, even when facing difficult situations
• reduce mental distractions
• recognize the limitless possibilities that surround you

Each class includes guided meditation, teaching, and discussion. No registration needed. No prior experience required. Everyone is welcome!


Every Thursday in Wicker Park
11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Drop-in Class

Meditation can provide a break in our busy lives. Its purpose is to make our mind calm and peaceful. With a sense of inner peace and well-being we can learn to cope with life's challenges and create new opportunities for growth. Come and enjoy these guided meditation classes.

No experience needed. Everyone welcome!


Every Sunday in Wicker Park
11am to 12pm

Drop-in Class

These Sunday classes emphasize integrating essential, positive states of mind such as patience, universal love, and compassion into our daily life. Come learn how meditating on and cultivating these positive states lead to a happy, more meaningful life! Each class includes teaching and guided meditation.

No experience needed. Everyone welcome!


Every Monday in Wicker Park
6:30 to 7:00 pm

Drop-in Class

Join us for simple guided meditation. This class is perfect for those who've never meditated before, and for those who want to enjoy guided meditation with a group. We focus on basic meditation techniques that can be easily integrated into daily life and are helpful for both the beginner and more experienced meditator.

In meditation, we concentrate on a single positive thought in order to gain an experience of inner peace and happiness. Through training our mind in this way, we gradually gain the ability to hold on to these states of mind outside of meditation, no matter what difficulties modern life brings our way. (Read more about meditation here.)

No previous meditation experience is necessary. Everyone welcome!


Tuesdays in Wicker Park
6:00 - 9:00
NOT a drop-in class

The Foundation Program (FP) is a uniquely structured study program that enables us to gain a deep understanding and experience of Buddhist teachings and meditation practices. It is ideal for those who have a general understanding of Buddhism, but who wish to learn more. Each class incorporates meditation, prayer, teaching and discussion. As this is a study program, each student is encouraged to join only if they can attend on a regular basis. For full information, including registration info, see the FP in Wicker Park Page.

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