Drop-In Class

Every Wednesday in Wicker Park
Every Thursday in Oak Park
7pm - 8:30pm

Includes guided meditation, teaching, and discussion

"Meaningful Meditation"
January 3 - February 1

Who is Buddha? What is meditation? And why does either one matter today? The figure of Buddha, and his teachings on meditation, are clouded in mystery for many. But through examining his life and his intentions, we can understand why his teachings on meditation are still relevant 2,500 years later. In these classes, explore the nature and benefits of meditation, along with its spiritual purposes, to bring great benefit and meaning to your meditation.

Each class includes guided meditation, teaching, and discussion. Since these Drop-In classes are designed both as a series and as stand-alone classes, you are welcome to attend any time. No registration needed. No prior experience or commitment required. Everyone is welcome!

Mindfulness for Modern Life is an ongoing drop-in series that runs continuously, with themes that change periodically. See below for the upcoming theme.

Upcoming Topic:

"Understanding the Mind"
February 7 - March 8

Please Note: On Thu, Feb 8, the Oak Park class will be held at Buzz Cafe. Click here for details about this special class.

We experience everything through our mind. Yet we rarely take time to examine it.
By exploring the nature of the mind, we can see how it has the power the create all pleasant and unpleasant objects. And by improving our mind, we can improve the world around us!

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