February's Topic: Meditations for Improving Your Good Heart
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Regular meditation enhances our potential for the good qualities of patience, kindness, love and compassion. Drop in and experience the beneficial effects of these time-tested methods for yourself.

This class is perfect for beginning meditators, and for those who want to enjoy guided meditation with a group. We focus on basic meditation techniques that can be easily integrated into daily life and are helpful for both the beginner and more experienced meditator. No previous meditation experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome!

Upcoming Topics
March: Meditations for Overcoming Overthinking and Distractions
April: TBA



Monday evenings
6:30pm - 7pm
Includes 2 short guided meditations

Feb 4: Keeping Calm when Things go Wrong
Feb 11: Equality of Self and Others
Feb 18: Enhancing Empathy
Feb 25: Strengthening Love through Pure Wishes





$6 per person
(Free for Supporting Members, Benefactors, and Patrons)