All classes below are held in the South Bend/Michiana area, and are branch classes of Kadampa Meditation Center Chicago. Specific location information is found on the "Location" tab for each class. This page is also the home of


Thursdays in South Bend *
September 7 - December 14

6:00 - 7:30pm
Drop-In Class

* Note: No class Nov. 23 (Thanksgiving)

with Gen Kelsang Dorje, Resident Teacher

Join us for these classes and learn practical solutions to the inner problems of stress, anger, worry, and more. In this way, you’ll be empowered to maintain a peaceful mind and live your best life no matter what you encounter in your day.

These Drop-In classes are designed both as a series and as stand-alone classes. You are welcome to attend any time. Each class includes guided meditation, teaching, and discussion. Everyone Welcome! Cost: $10

Saturday Workshops


Saturday, November 18
11am - 1pm

Drop-in Class

Due to a misunderstanding of the true nature of things, we perceive ourselves in a state of painful isolation from others and our world. We see our limitations as real and we feel stuck. But our limitations are not real.

In this workshop, we will explore Buddha’s teachings on emptiness, the true nature of reality. These teachings have the power to free your mind from a sense of limitation and insecurity. Emptiness means that things do not exist in a fixed way outside the mind, but that they exist as mere appearances to mind. Understanding this, you’ll be empowered to feel a sense of joy and immense possibility in all of your daily activities.


Saturday, December 16
11am - 1pm

Drop-in Class

Our minds have limitless potential, but we often find ourselves stuck in mental habits and a limited concept of ourselves. Buddha’s teaching on Tantra explain how we can use meditation to awaken our pure potential through the power of imagination and visualization. In this workshop, learn how to use the power of imagination to transform your experience of the world -- from unpeaceful to peaceful, from negative to positive, and from impure to pure.

Past Workshops


Saturday, October 21
11am - 1pm

Drop-in Class

Why do bad things happen to me? How can I take control of my future? Buddha taught that karma is the key to answering these questions. In this workshop, you will learn which actions lead to what effects. With this understanding, you can avoid actions that lead to unhappy experiences, and embrace actions that lead to happiness. In other words, you can break free from old habits, move forward in a positive direction, and take control of your future experiences.


Saturday, September 16
11am - 1pm

Drop-in Class

In this workshop, learn the basics of meditation, from the benefits you can expect to the practical details of meditating. Find out how to set up a meditation space, how long to meditate, what to focus on, and techniques to help overcome distractions. The workshop will include teaching, guided meditation, and time for questions.

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