Topic for November:
Living in the Moment through Wisdom

Lotus meditating
This month we will explore meditations that make it easier to deal with daily problems in life and live lightly in the moment. Wisdom is our inner guide that makes our mind peaceful and calm, and protects our mind from mental problems and pain. Ultimately wisdom transforms our mind into the supreme happiness of liberation and enlightenment.

Each class will include guided meditations, practical instruction, and time for questions.



Thursday evenings in Wicker Park
7pm - 8pm
Includes guided meditation, teaching, and optional informal discussion immediately after class

Thursday evenings in Oak Park
7pm - 8:15pm
Includes guided meditation, teaching, and opportunities to ask questions

November: Living in the Moment through Wisdom
7: Understand Your Body with Wisdom: Reduce negative body image, lessen physical pain and sickness
14: Understand Your Mind with Wisdom: Gain mastery over your thoughts, emotions, and behavior
21: Understand Yourself with Wisdom: Overcome negative self-identity, transcend the limited ego, and develop your full potential
28: no class (Thanksgiving)

Coming in December: Healing the Heart through Meditation



Kadampa Meditation Center Chicago in Oak Park
13 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL 60304



$12 per person
(Free for Members and with "$35 for 30 Days" pass)



Wicker Park:


Oak Park: