Empathy & Emptiness
The practice of compassion and wisdom in Buddhism

Registration Deadline: Friday, November 17

Opening our heart to others and letting the love flow becomes natural and easy when we can stop being so hung up on ourselves. In Buddhism, wisdom and compassion are said to be like the two wings of a bird, flying us to the city of fulfillment and joy. With wisdom we realize the true nature of things, emptiness, helping us to dissolve the barrier between self and other. Compassion helps us let go of our self-centered view of the world, to find fulfillment and meaning in our life.

This deep exploration of Buddha’s compassion and wisdom teachings will allow us to let go of our ordinary sense of self and self-centered approach to life, so that we can embrace the warmth and joy of identifying with and connecting to others.

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Friday, December 1
8pm - 9pm: Session 1 (Silence begins after this session, and continues until lunch the next day.)

Saturday, December 2
7:30am: Breakfast
9am - 10:15am: Session 2
11am - 12:15pm: Session 3 (Silence ends after this session.)
12:30pm: Lunch
2:30pm - 3:45pm: Session 4
5:30pm: Dinner
7pm - 8:15pm: Session 5 (Silence begins after this session, and continues until lunch the next day.)

Sunday, December 3
7:30pm: Breakfast
9am - 10:15am: Session 6
11am - 12:15pm: Session 7 (Silence ends after this session.)
12:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm - 2:45pm: Session 8



Stronghold Retreat Center
Oregon, IL



$165 for Shared Room, shared bath
$245 for Private Room, shared bath (limited availability)

Registration deadline: Friday, November 17

Cost includes housing, food, and teachings. Shared rooms include 2 or 3 to a room, with up to 6 sharing a bathroom, and may include a top bunk. Private rooms are for individuals only, and share a bathroom with up to 4 other people. A short walk on a gravel road is required to get between the private rooms and the meditation space. Availability of private rooms is limited; early registration is recommended. Couples who would like to room together may make the request, but we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

You can reserve your spot now by paying in full, or by making a 25% non-refundable deposit. Full payment is due by Nov 17. In the event you cancel your reservation by Nov 17, we are able to offer a refund of any amount paid beyond the 25% deposit; between Nov 18 and 21, we can refund 25% of the retreat cost. After Nov 21, we are unable to offer any refunds.

Dietary Restrictions (if any)

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