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Empathy & Emptiness
The practice of compassion and wisdom in Buddhism

An Away Retreat
December 1 -3 in Oregon, IL

Opening our heart to others and letting the love flow becomes natural and easy when we can stop being so hung up on ourselves. With wisdom we realize the true nature of things, emptiness, helping us to dissolve the barrier between self and other. Compassion helps us let go of our self-centered view of the world, to find fulfillment and meaning in our life. In Buddhism, wisdom and compassion are said to be like the two wings of a bird, flying us to the city of fulfillment and joy.

This deep exploration of Buddha’s compassion and wisdom teachings will allow us to let go of our ordinary sense of self and self-centered approach to life, so that we can embrace the warmth and joy of identifying with and connecting to others.

More details and online registration coming soon

Friday, December 1
Sunday, December 3

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