In this retreat, you can gain an inner experience of each of the 21 Lamrim meditations. Lamrim means “stages of the path to enlightenment,” and is one of the most precious treasures of Kadampa Buddhism. Following these special instructions, we can overcome our burden of negativity and cultivate beneficial, positive states of mind. In this way we can enjoy our life and make it truly meaningful each day. Come for as many retreat sessions as you would like. Each session lasts approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, and includes teaching and guided meditation.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Saturday, August 19
(Please note: the first stage of Lamrim will be covered in the workshop Finding Your Way Home)
4pm - #2: Death and Impermanence
7pm - #3 & 4: The Dangers of Lower Rebirth & Refuge Practice

Sunday, August 20
8am - #5: Actions and their Effects (Karma)
4pm - #6: Developing Renunciation
7pm - #7: Developing Equanimity

Monday, August 21
8am - #8 & 9: Recognizing That All Living Beings Are Our Mother & Remembering the Kindness of Living Beings
11am - #10: Equalizing Self and Others
4pm - #11 & 12: The Disadvantages of Self-Cherishing & The Advantages of Cherishing Others
7pm - #13: Exchanging Self with Others

Tuesday, August 22
8am - #14: Great Compassion
11am - #15: Taking Away Suffering
4pm - #16: Wishing Love
7pm - #17: Giving Happiness

Wednesday, August 23
8am - #18: Bodhchitta
11am - #19: Tranquil Abiding
4pm - #20: Superior Seeing
7pm - #21: Relying Upon a Spiritual Guide

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