2017 US Kadampa Dharma Festival

The Teachings

Gen-la Khyenrab will grant the empowerment of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, through which we can receive her blessings to increase our wisdom.

In these uncertain times, wisdom is increasingly important for our daily happiness. As our wisdom grows, our problems diminish. In the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras, Buddha gave special wisdom instructions which, if put into practice, have the power to give us the permanent peace of liberation and enlightenment.

Gen-la will also explain how through receiving the special blessings of Great Mother Prajnaparamita we can quickly develop our own enlightened wisdom – the real method to practically benefit ourself and others.

Festival Schedule

Friday evening: Introduction

Saturday: Morning meditation followed by the empowerment of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita. In the afternoon commentary will be given by Gen-la Khyenrab

Sunday & Monday: Morning meditation followed by two commentaries/teachings

Monday evening: The guided retreat with Kadam Morten begins.

Tuesday morning through Wednesday Lunch: Guided retreat sessions

First Festival? 


Is this your first time attending a Kadampa festival? Welcome! Our annual US Festival is very “user-friendly” for first-timers. If you’ve never attended a Kadampa festival before, see below for some useful information regarding the event.

Is the Festival appropriate for beginners? 

Yes! Buddha’s teachings can be heard and understood at many levels, and therefore can appeal to a great variety of people regardless of their experience. Whether you know a little about Buddhism or nothing at all, the festival is designed to touch your heart.

Where does the festival take place? 

The festival takes place at the national World Peace Temple in Glen Spey. Set on 82 acres of beautiful woodlands in New York’s Catskills region, the temple offers a wonderful opportunity to retreat from busy daily life, and the perfect peaceful conditions to deeply contemplate Buddha’s profound insights.


Registration is now open at the Kadampa Festivals website.

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