All that, and a roof-top deck, too!

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Purchasing something new always comes with surprises. And especially when that something new is real estate, the surprises can be big ... and not always good. So we were thrilled to learn about one really big -- and really good -- surprise with our new space in River North. Being part of a large building at the edge of downtown Chicago, our space includes access to a rooftop deck 27 stories up!

Buddhist teachings explain that happiness comes from within, when our mind is calm and peaceful. And meditation helps us explore and connect with that inner peace. But that doesn't mean we can't wholeheartedly enjoy the outer beauty of the Chicago skyline from high up on a roof-top deck. Just breathtaking!

(Yes, that's really a photo we took on our shared roof-top deck. No photoshop, no photo search. Just point and click ... and upload.)