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Prayers of Compassion for the New YearPrayers of Compassion for the New Year
Mon, Dec 31, 2018 | 8pm - 12:30am in Oak Park

Prayers for Wisdom in the New YeaPrayers for Wisdom in the New Year
Tue, Jan 1 | 10:30am - 3:30pm in Oak Park

VajrayoginiThe Quick Path to Keajra Heaven - HYT retreats
Sundays in Jan | 4pm - 8pm in Oak Park

woman meditating serenelyClarity & Serenity - Meditation Mini Retreat
Sat, Jan 5 | 10am - 12:30pm in Wicker Park

pure waterDetox Your Mind - Meditation Mini Retreat
Sat, Jan 12 | 10am - 12:30pm in Oak Park



man in tie meditatingTraining in Mindfulness & Focus - Meditation Mini Retreat
Sat, Feb 2 | 10am - 12:30pm in Wicker Park

magic lotus imagePurifying Negative Karma - In-Depth Retreat
Sat, Feb 23 | 10am - 3:30pm in Oak Park



mom and child huggingA Buddhist Approach to Parenting - Workshop
Sat, Mar 2 | 10am - 1pm in Oak Park

man turning a bleak wall into a sunny imageOvercoming Anxiety & Depression - Meditation Mini Retreat
Sat, Mar 9 | 10am - 12:30pm in Wicker Park

Buddha Maitreya, the Buddha of loving kindnessLoving Kindness for a Troubled World: The Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Maitreya
Sat, Mar 23 - Sun, Mar 24 in Oak Park



man meditating on Michigan AveSilencing the Inner Critic - with international guest teacher Kadam Lucy
Thu, Apr 4 | 6:30pm - 7:45pm at the Newberry Library

Guru Sumati Buddha HerukaNKT Day workshop: How to Rely Upon a Spiritual Guide
Sat, Apr 6 | 10am - 1:30pm in Oak Park

A temple in every cityNKT Day presentation: A Vision of Peace for Chicago
Sat, Apr 6 | 2pm - 4pm in Oak Park

Thousand-Armed AvalokiteshvaraNyungnay - Fasting and Purification Retreat
Fri, Apr 12 & Sat, Apr 13 | 7am - 4:30pm in Oak Park

Optimistic man looking upwardsModern Buddhism: An Inner Path of Transformation - Sat evening talk
Sat, Apr 13 | 7pm - 8:15pm in Wicker Park

Man meditatingFundamentals of Buddhist Meditation - Workshop
Sat, Apr 20 | 10am - 12:30pm in Wicker Park



Woman ponderingDeath, Rebirth, and Karma - Workshop
Sat, May 4 | 2pm -5pm in Wicker Park

Garden lights on stringsAn Evening in the Garden - A Benefit for the Benefit of All
POSTPONED until July

Happy guy with sunglassesMeditations for a Happy Life - Mini Retreat
Sat, May 25 | 10am - 12:30pm in Oak Park

woman meditating at sunrise at the water's edgeAbiding in Clarity - Weekend Getaway Meditation Retreat
Fri, May 31 - Sun, Jun 2 | at Siena Retreat Center near Racine, WI



woman meditating at homeSetting Up a Regular Meditation Practice
Sat, Jun 8 | 10am - 1pm in Wicker Park

offering a mandalaIn-Depth Retreat: Guru Yoga Mandala Offering
Jun 14 - 16 in Oak Park

happy woman with rainbow-colored umbrellaFinding Peace in Uncertain Times
Jun 22 | 2pm - 4:30pm in Wicker Park

kids outdoors, arm-in-armKadampa Kids Camp
Jun 29 | 10am - 1pm in Oak Park



people meditatingClear-Sky Mind Mini-Retreat
Jul 6 | 2pm - 4:30pm in Wicker Park

pinatas, maracas, bannersSummer Sangha Fiesta!
Jul 20 | 6pm - 8pm in Oak Park



Green Tara, the female Buddha of quick wisdomTara Retreat
Aug 9-10 in Oak Park

woman meditatingWorkshop: Staying Calm When Things Go Wrong
Aug 17 | 2pm - 4:30pm in Wicker Park

man meditatingWorkshop: Developing Concentration in a Distracted World
Aug 31 | 2pm - 4:30pm in Oak Park



Gen Kelsang DemoPublic Talk: Healthy, Happy & Harmonious - Building Positive Relationships
with guest teacher, Kadampa Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Demo
Sep 2 | 6pm - 7:30pm in Wicker Park

Guru Sumati Buddha HerukaIn-Depth Retreat: Oral Instructions of Mahamudra
Sep 13 - 14 in Oak Park

Buddha ShakyamuniBuddha's Return From Heaven Day
celebrated with Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers
Sep 22 | 4pm - 6pm

Fall Festival - Geshe-la with Gen-la Khyenrab and Gen-la DekyongInternational Fall Festival
at International Kadampa Retreat Center - Grand Canyon in Williams, AZ
Sep 27 - Oct 3



More events coming! Stay tuned...



More events coming! Stay tuned...



More events coming! Stay tuned...



Cancellations & Refund Policy for Workshops

If you cancel your registration more than 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop or event, we can refund to you the fee minus a $5 administration fee (per person). If you cancel less than 24 hours before the event begins we regret that we cannot issue refunds. To request a refund, please email: ad@meditateinchicago.org