November's topic:
Living Lightly with Wisdom

Buddha taught that all phenomena are like illusions. This knowledge gives us great power to free ourselves from every kind of difficulty and makes our life unbelievably free and joyful. This series of classes will explore the true nature of reality so you can learn to live lightly and eventually free yourself from physical suffering and mental pain.

Topics change monthly:
November: Living Lightly with Wisdom
December: Making Peace With the Holidays


Sunday mornings in Oak Park *
11am - 12:30pm
Includes guided meditation, teaching, and discussion

Sunday mornings in Wicker Park *
11am - 12pm
Includes guided meditation, teaching, and discussion

* Please Note:
On November 4, there will be no class in Oak Park and Wicker Park so we can attend the Midwest Dharma Celebration in Madison, WI.


Kadampa Meditation Center Chicago in Oak Park
13 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL 60304


$10 per person
(Free for Benefactors and Supporting Members)