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World Peace Starts with You

One of the most beautiful aspects of the holiday season is that it inspires people to tap into their innate goodness. More than at other times of the year, people take stock of their own blessings, turn their attention to people who are experiencing hardship and challenges, and make a conscious effort to deepen the happiness of others. From a Buddhist point of view, giving is a mindset. In essence, it is a wish to bring benefit to others, whether through providing them with material support, dispensing good advice, uplifting their spirits, or simply loving them.

Perhaps every one of us would put “world peace” on our holiday wish list, if we thought such a gift were feasible. While no one can hand us world peace wrapped in a box with a bow, there are ways we can all contribute to the building of a more peaceful world. As our founder, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, says, “Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.” Thus, as we become more peaceful through our Dharma practice, we begin to create the world we wish to live in. Our own peacefulness is itself a gift to others; so is our support for our Dharma center because it is through experience with Buddha’s teachings that others will learn to connect with the peacefulness in their own hearts. However we support our Dharma center, whether it be through financial contributions, volunteer efforts, or attendance at classes and events, our efforts ripen as blessings not only for ourselves but for untold others as we personally help ensure that Buddha’s teachings on how to be happy and peaceful become more and more available. We can give no more meaningful gift to the people of the modern world!

If you would like to contribute to a more peaceful world, please consider a year-end donation to KMC Chicago. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your support to continue making Dharma available to the people of Chicagoland and the Midwest. Your participation is valuable and important – a gift of any size, no matter how small, makes an impact! All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

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