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Getting Started

All of our live classes, on-demand classes, special events, and meditation retreats are open to newcomers.

Each includes guided meditation, practical instruction, and the chance to ask questions in real time (except with on-demand classes). 

Almost any class or event is a great way to begin. Choose one that works with your schedule, or on a topic that interests you. Occasionally a class or event will include a note in the description that some previous experience is helpful.

Meditation resources for everyone, including those experiencing financial difficulty

White Sands

A welcoming, friendly meditation center, with great teachers who are smart, caring, and extremely skilled.

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New to Meditation?

If you just want to see what it's like to meditate, under the guidance of an experienced practitioner and in a supportive, welcoming environment, you might like one of our 30-minute classes.


These guided meditation classes consist of straightforward, practical instruction and either two short meditations or one medium-length meditation.


New to Our Center?

Feel free to explore our recurring weekly schedule of online drop-in classes, or our changing schedule of one-time special events (workshops and retreats). These teachings benefit everyone, whether interested in Buddhism or not. Everyone is welcome.

Live-stream classes explore Buddhist psychology and way of life, usually beginning and ending with guided meditation. Some of these 60-90 minute classes also include time for discussion.

On-demand classes feature practical instruction and guided meditation in a brief, 30-minute format.

We also schedule a few special events (such as workshops and retreats) each month. These allow even more time to go in-depth with a particular meditation practice or topic of Buddhist philosophy. 

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Interested in Buddhism?


All of our classes and special events emphasize practical methods to progress along the spiritual path to Enlightenment in the context of busy, daily life. The teachings can be understood on many different levels, so absolute beginners and experienced practitioners can all gain meaningful insight from the same class.

  • Our 60-90 minute live-stream classes explore Buddhist ideas and practice, which can be immediately integrated into everyday life.

  • Special events (such as workshops and retreats) allow even more time to examine a particular subject.

  • In-depth study is offered at at three different levels

  • We also offer traditional Buddhist meditation prayers, which help build a connection to enlightened beings and positive states of mind.