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Events for schools, businesses, and all other groups.

Come to our space, or we’ll come to you. We recommend 60-90 minute sessions for most groups.

The following programs are suggestions. The specific topic can be tailored to your situation.

Meditation can help cultivate: 




Join us in the park!


As part of our outreach program, we're happy to offer free guided meditations each Sunday during the summer at the Wicker Park Farmers Market. Join us at 8:15 - 8:45am in the Southwest corner of Wicker Park (Damen and Schiller). Each time, you can expect practical instruction and encouraging guidance during the meditation. Just bring something to sit on.



Discover the inner art and science of Buddhist meditation, an authentic time-tested method to develop the quality and capacity of your mind. These classes focus on simple and transformative meditations that can be practiced at home--whether you are completely new to meditation or are a seasoned meditator. Each session will also explore how the principles of meditation and mindfulness can be integrated into everyday activities so that every part of your day becomes part of your path to greater self-awareness, positivity and inner strength.

Topics / Titles: 

  • Meditations for Beginners

  • Meditations to Develop a Calm, Clear Mind

  • Meditations to Enhance Loving Kindness

  • Meditation & Mindfulness in Daily Life

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Clear Mind at Work

Overcome the daily grind of workplace stress, interpersonal challenges, and lagging performance. Learn to change the way you approach challenging people and become a better coworker and leader. Each session explores essential principles of changing ordinary habits of thinking to reacting in more positive and constructive ways. Learn simple and effective meditations that can be practiced anytime and applied in daily life.  

Topics / Titles:

  • Tools for Success: Your Mind and Your Intention

  • Embracing Change: The Wisdom of Flexibility

  • Calm Within the Storm: Managing Difficult Emotions

  • Authentic Leadership: Be Grounded, Be Confident

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Meditation for Young People 

Learn simple and effective meditations to make your mind calm, clear and positive when you're feeling stressed or unhappy. Explore difficult emotions and negative thinking while increasing awareness of your full potential. Connect to your own source of inner peace, confidence, and power and become a better friend with greater empathy, patience, and understanding of others.

Topics / Titles:

  • Conquering Stress & Difficult Emotions

  • Overcoming Self-Doubt with Authentic Confidence

  • Asking the Big Questions: Who am I and What is Life all About?

  • It's Complicated: Making Sense of Relationships

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Modern Buddhism is an inner, mental science of self-transformation. These sessions cover essential concepts of Modern Buddhism – such as the nature of the mind and reality, karma, and enlightenment – as well as how these ideas can be applied in practical ways to your day to improve the overall quality of your life, solve your daily problems, and progress along the spiritual path to lasting happiness.

Topics / Titles:

  • The Power of the Mind

  • Karma and the Key to Happiness

  • Enlightenment: Awakening Your Spiritual Potential

  • Exploring the Ultimate Nature of Reality

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