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 Everyone welcome! 

The tools we share can help everyone without exception, and everyone is welcome.

any age

any gender

any race

any sexuality

any background

any religion

any income level


The only thing you need is a desire to live a happier, more meaningful life. Our tradition of Buddhism makes no distinctions on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, background, or income. And it doesn't matter if you identify with a different religion. Buddhist teachings can benefit everyone, and everyone is welcome.

Free meditation resources for everyone,

especially those experiencing financial difficulty

Our Policy of Non-Discrimination and Diversity

Kadampa Meditation Center Chicago was founded with the sole purpose of benefitting living beings. By following the Buddhist principles of compassion and service, our activities are driven by the wish that all beings find happiness and freedom from suffering. Fulfilling this intention can only be accomplished with complete inclusion. We are committed to diversity, and our organization, from our teachers to our volunteers to our students, reflects the tapestry of people who live and work in the area.

Kadampa Meditation Center Chicago shall make no discrimination towards our volunteers, members, or attendees based on age, religious affiliation, race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, disability, income, or any other status. Buddha's teachings on equanimity and universal compassion guide us to develop a kind heart towards all living beings without discrimination, and to welcome with joy and compassion anyone who walks through our doors.

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