On-Demand Class


for Kids

and Families

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Watch any time

$3 per class

Discover the real-world value of the Buddhist way of life in these engaging, thoughtful mini-teachings.  We emphasize practical application of essential ethics, such as non-harmfulness, patience, compassion, and wisdom, using stories and simple activities.  Although the themes derive from Buddha's teachings and practices, they are open and accessible to everyone, Buddhist and non-Buddhist.  No previous experience is necessary.


For families with children of all ages, the classes in general are best for children ages 5 - 9. See the individual class/video descriptions for more detail on content and ages.

Each class is available as a 72-hour rental. Watch any time on a computer or mobile device, as many times as you like during that rental period.

Use the "Categories" menu to find videos on different topics, or browse through all the titles and descriptions using the arrows on the sides of the strip below.


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Paula Lozano, Kadampa Teacher