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Sunday Morning

Kids Class

for ages 4 - 12

Oak Park location

Kids can come learn how to meditate and explore basic Buddhist concepts that can assist them with the development of important life skills, like empathy, confidence, self control and respect for others.

We all want to be happy, and free from painful feelings and problems. In this series, we’ll explore how happiness and suffering are feelings coming from our mind. Kids will discover that just by learning to think in new and constructive ways, they can become happier!

Each class will include a fun, short lesson about the theme of the week, an interactive activity, and a brief guided meditation. Open to children ages 4-12, no previous experience is required! Everyone is welcome.

Please note: for your first class, we ask that children arrive several minutes early, and it is our policy that adult guardians must stay at the Center if not attending the simultaneous adult class.

two girls hugging in a grassy field

For Kids: How to Be Happy & Calm


10am - 11:15am

Oak Park

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