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The World Needs Bodhisattvas


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What can I do about the problems of the world? How can I respond to the pain and suffering in my heart, and that I see all around me?

At a time when the uncertainty and chaos of life can feel overwhelming, the world needs people who are dedicated to their spiritual development for the benefit of others.This type of person is called a Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is someone who is dedicated to the service of others, and recognizes that authentic change begins within.

In particular, a Bodhisattva is motivated by a wish to reach their highest spiritual potential for the benefit of all beings. Each of us can use our life to train in becoming this kind of extraordinary individual, a person absolutely determined to effect deep and authentic changes in their own heart for the benefit of the entire world.

In this course, we will explore the six main practices of someone training in the Bodhisattva’s way of life: generosity, discipline, patient acceptance, spiritual effort, meditation and wisdom. This special autumn course can give us direction and purpose at this challenging time.


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  • No class on Dec 6 & 27.


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Gen Kelsang Zamling, Resident Teacher

Gen Kelsang Zamling, Resident Teacher


This class will draw from the book(s) listed here. It's not necessary to have your own copy, but some people like follow along or read more after the class. Click on the book image to order a print or e-book copy.

How to Transform Your Life (FREE e-book available)

How to Transform Your Life (FREE e-book available)

Meaningful to Behold

Meaningful to Behold


Live Stream (& for 72 hrs after)

Jan: Spiritual Habits of Happy People

To start the year off in a constructive direction, we will learn several spiritual habits of happy people that naturally enrich our lives, strengthen our relationships, and facilitate authentic spiritual transformation. These positive habits were taught by Buddha and are regarded as some of the most precious and valuable minds we can learn to develop and practice in our daily life.  

Each class will focus on a particular theme and include practical instruction and guided meditation, as well as time for questions.  This class is suitable for complete beginners and advanced practitioners.  Everyone is welcome!

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