To fulfill the mission of KMC Chicago to create peace and happiness through the teaching of Dharma, we depend upon the generosity of our participants and their steady financial support. Those who benefit the Center are directly making Dharma available to others. There is no more meaningful way of helping people.

We have two levels of membership, "Benefactor" and "Supporting Member." Both levels not only give us crucial help in spreading Dharma throughout Chicagoland and beyond, but also come with wonderful benefits for you! You can read more about each level of support below.

Supporting Member

For a minimum donation of $60.00 a month, a Supporting Member receives free access to General Program classes, Prayers for World Peace, retreats, and Weekend Workshops. Day Courses are 50% off. Special events and empowerments are not included in the Supporting Membership Program.


In our Benefactor Program, participants contribute a minimum of $125.00 a month, which entitles them to attend all classes, workshops, day courses, retreats, special events, dinners, brunches, and empowerments with no further fee.

Payment Options

Please use the form below to authorize your monthly membership through PayPal. You can pay with either your PayPal balance or most major credit/debit cards. If you are unable to pay online, please contact our Administrative Director Steve Florian at to discuss alternate payment arrangements.

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