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Do You Struggle with Fear & Anxiety? Learn to Let Go

Anxiety, fear and worry are at a record high. But we have every reason to be optimistic! By practicing meditation and special ways of thinking based upon Buddha's timeless wisdom, we can gradually and definitely let go of our fears, and replace them with constructive and peaceful states of mind. In this way we can become a fearless person - a source of refuge and protection for both ourself and others. Find serenity and calm with a special evening talk and guided meditation with our main teacher and Buddhist monk, Gen Zamling. He will share some profound and practical wisdom about the real source of our anxiety and fear, and how we can begin to let go.

Let Go of Anxiety & Fear

Monday, July 10, 7-8:30pm (Wicker Park location) Wednesday, July 12, 7-8:30pm (Oak Park location)

Watch this short video with Gen Zamling for a taste of the practical and logic-based methods that Buddhism gives us to transform our mind from a state of anxiety or fear to a state of happiness and peace.

Hope to see you there! Enjoy the talks on their own or as an intro to a 6-week series of classes called "Become Fearless." No previous experience is needed, and absolutely everyone is welcome!

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