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January is Retreat Month!

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Retreats are for everyone!

Retreat is for everybody, whether you are a newcomer to meditation, or quite experienced. It provides an unequalled opportunity to immerse yourself in the peace and well-being that we all seek -- and need -- in our busy, modern society.

And every January, Kadampa centers around the world give special emphasis to retreats. Short and long, and for all levels of experience. As our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Zamling, explained: "Retreats have become a very popular part of our monthly spiritual program, and we give special emphasis to retreat during the month of January; not only does it help orient our new year in a meaningful direction, but it infuses our mind with much-needed peace, wisdom, and joy after what is often a stressful and busy holiday season."

Kadampa Meditation Center Chicago is offering several retreats throughout the month of January. Some last just a single afternoon; some go for a full day; and some offer the option of continuing over multiple days. Feel free to pop in for just one ... or take part in all of them!

January 2022 Retreats:

Make it a meaningful start to the year with guided meditation and an inspiring talk.

Learn and practice a powerful method to avert obstacles & develop supreme inner joy.

This same retreat will also be held in Oak Park on Jan 21.

Full day retreat, with the option to continue on Jan 22

This same retreat will also be held in Wicker Park on Jan 14.

Full day retreat, a continuation of Jan 15. It's not necessary to attend the first part in order to participate in this second part.

Most of our drop-in classes are also adopting the form of a retreat for the month of January. See the individual class pages for details. (No need to attend each class to take part -- drop in when you can.)

No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please contact us to ask about financial accommodations.

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