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In-Person Classes

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

With our online classes coming to an end after August 31, 2022, ALL of our classes will be in person. For that reason, this page will no longer be updated. Please see the main page for our drop-in classes for the latest schedule.

What in-person meditation classes are available?

Oak Park

Wicker Park

South Bend

An image of our cautious, early return to in-person classes.

How to attend in person

Available seats are limited, in order to guarantee adequate space between everyone, so we ask everyone to register in advance.

  1. On the page for the class you want to attend, choose the "IN PERSON" button that corresponds to the date you'd like to attend.

  2. Complete the registration process. *

  3. Check our current COVID policies before you arrive.

* If you're a paid monthly member, use the coupon codes found the in Member Benefits section to register for free as part of your membership.

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